Getting started in MH Investing with Andrew Keel

During this episode we had the chance to speak with a mobile home community rockstar
Andrew Keel. He gives us a look at the inner workings of this investment space, from browsing to owning to operating multiple lots inside of a mobile housing park. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when entering this capital raising property opportunity. Let Andrew be your teacher this episode, grab a pen and paper. it’s going to be an information filled ride on this episode of Operators & Allocators.


A little bit about our guest, 

Andrew Keel is the owner of Keel Team, which owns and operates over 20 mobile home parks across 10 states. He was raised in an upper middle class neighborhood, his father was a small business owner and entrepreneur as Andrew grew up and that is where he gets his entrepreneur drive from. He didn’t instantly start out investing on his own. Starting out as an apprentice to a local Central Florida real estate wholesaler. Using the knowledge he gained he started to look at ways to generate monthly cash flow and found a YouTuber by the name Lonnie Scruggs and followed his series and purchased his first of many mobile home units. Currently he owns and operates 1,030 lots across 20 mobile home parks in 10 states and we have a few mobile home parks under contract.


Andrew digs deep into giving you advice if you are looking to enter the mobile home communities

  • Due Diligence is key


  • Start with small communities with public utility  
  • Find inspiration & devise a strategy


Take a look at some of the topics in this interview

  • 1:14 – Andrew opens up about his story
  • 6:19 – Views on the market from then to now?
  • 7:23 – What are some of your criteria for a property purchase?
  • 13:30 – Park owned home communities
  • 17:24 – Devising a strategy
  • 18:50 – Unpopular opinion
  • 23:00 – Finding Inspiration
  • 27:00 – Best practices
  • 31:00 – Important closing notes


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