Vertically Integrated Operations


Dylan Marma


Dylan is a principal of The Requity Group and manages investor communications, oversees acquisitions, and plays a very active role within TRG Living, The Requity Group’s in-house management company. With 6 years of real estate investing experience he has been the lead sponsor or JV’d on $80m in transactions. 

He has been featured on dozens of podcasts and has spent hundreds of hours doing real estate consulting for professionals in the space. In 2020 Dylan received his CCIM designation and is an active member of the Florida West Coast District.

Charles DeHart


Charles is a principal of TRG and directly manages the acquisitions, business development, and vision for the company. With 6 years of investing experience and an extensive track record in mobile home parks, Charles brings an second to none understanding of the space. Prior to joining TRG, Charles co-founded Sunrise Communities (top 50 owner in MHP), co-hosted an industry leading podcast called “The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast.” 

Charles has acted as a principal in more than $50M of CRE transactions, educated 1,000’s of investors on the MHP business, and has been directly involved in brokering the sale of more than $30M worth of MHP assets over the past 12 months as a broker and has supervised the sale of nearly $100M worth of MHPs over the same time period.

Jen Ullrich

Chief Operations Officer

Jen Ullrich is the Chief Operations Officer at The Requity Group and TRG Living. She has been actively investing in real estate since 2015, directly managing her personal portfolio as well as participating in $20M of sponsored apartment’s & MHC’s. Jen is a natural born executor with a passion for operations. 

She spent 10 years as a certified meeting planner in the financial services industry before further pursuing her passion for real estate and leading operations at Jake & Gino LLC, a multifamily investment education platform.

Ben Cohen

ACquisitions Manager

Ben is the Acquisition Manager for The Requity Group. He recently graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in business economics. Through school he was captain of the men’s tennis team. Before joining The Requity Group, Ben interned for Rand Capital during the summer of 2019 and also interned for TRG throughout the duration of his senior year in college.

Mike Jamali

Construction Manager

Mike Jamali is the construction manager at The Requity Group and TRG Living. Mike spent eight years in the military with the United States Marine Corps. He is a proven leader/manager, highly skilled in the development and implementation of standard operating procedures and training. Mike has a background as neighborhood construction manager with Stanley Martin– overseeing all trades through the development of residential communities. He has experience managing the development of up to 30 homes simultaneously. He also has extensive home sales experience with LGI, was consistently part of the president’s club in addition to having won #1 regional sales 3x and having led numerous sales trainings.