Chad M.

“Dylan Marma and The Requity Group team have been fantastic to work with. I sold a business in 2020 and placed most of my proceeds into one form of investment or another. My investments with the Requity Group, both in their Founders Fund and Sneads Ferry RV park, have been my 2 favorite investments so far. Frankly, I wish I would’ve invested more with them instead of some of my other investments in other forms of real estate. Payouts have been on time, as discussed, and there has been zero headache at all so far. If I’ve ever had a question, I have been able to contact Dylan personally, and he has been prompt, helpful, and professional. I’m excited to hopefully see what the future holds in terms of appreciation, and if things keep going as well as they have, I will likely explore whatever 1031 options are available when the fund exits, and roll into another investment with Dylan and the Requity Group at that time. ”